Management Summary

Randall Crater, unlike a typical cafe, will provide a unique forum for communication and entertainment through the medium of the Internet. Randall Crater is the answer to an increasing demand. The public wants: (1) access to the methods of communication and volumes of information now available on the Internet, and (2) access at a cost they can afford and in such a way that they aren’t socially, economically, or politically isolated. Randall Crater’s goal is to provide the community with a social, educational, entertaining, atmosphere for worldwide communication.

This business plan is prepared to obtain financing in the amount of $24,000. The supplemental financing is required to begin work on site preparation and modifications, equipment purchases, and to cover expenses in the first year of operations. Additional financing has already been secured in the form of: (1) $24,000 from the Randall Crater Economic Development Fund (2) $10,000 of personal savings from owner Randall Crater (3) $36,000 from three investors (4) and $9,290 in the form of short-term loans.

Randall Crater will be incorporated as a closed corporation. This will shield the owner and the outside investors, from issues of personal liability and double taxation. The investors will be treated as shareholders and therefore will not be liable for more than their individual personal investment of $12,000 each.

The financing, in addition to the capital contributions from the owner, shareholders and the Randall Crater Economic Development Fund, will allow Randall Crater to successfully open and maintain operations through year one. The large initial capital investment will allow Randall Crater to provide its customers with a full featured Internet cafe. A unique, upscale, and innovative environment is required to provide the customers with an atmosphere that will spawn socialization. Successful operation in year one will provide Randall Crater with a customer base that will allow it to be self sufficient in year two.

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