Location and Facilities

Company Locations and Facilities

A site has been chosen at East Hampton, New York. This site was chosen for various reasons, including:

  • Proximity to the downtown business community.
  • Proximity to trendy, upscale restaurants such as Joey Brothers.
  • Proximity to Spacey Station. Parking availability.
  • Low cost rent – $.85 per square foot for 1700 square feet.
  • High visibility.

All of these qualities are consistent with Randall Crater’s goal of providing a central hub of communication and socialization for the East Hampton community.


Randall Crater will provide full access to email, Web, and other Internet applications such as Voice-over-IP. Printing, scanning, and introductory courses to the Internet will also be available to the customer. Randall Crater will also provide customers with a unique and innovative environment for enjoying great coffee, specialty beverages, and bakery items.

Service Description

Randall Crater will provide its customers with full access to the Internet and common computer software and hardware. Some of the Internet and computing services available to Randall Crater customers are listed below:

  • Access to external POP3 email accounts.
  • Customers can sign up for a Randall Crater email account. This account will be managed by Randall Crater servers and accessible from computer systems outside the Randall Crater network.
  • FTP, Telnet, Gopher, and other popular Internet utilities will be available.
  • Access to Mozilla or Internet Explorer browser.
  • Access to laser and colour printing.
  • Access to popular software Office applications and Graphics Utilities.
  • Randall Crater will also provide its customers with access to introductory Internet and email classes. These classes will be held in the afternoon and late in the evening. By providing these classes, Randall Crater will build a client base familiar with its services. The computers, Internet access, and classes wouldn’t mean half as much if taken out of the environment Randall Crater will provide. Good coffee, specialty drinks, bakery goods, and a comfortable environment will provide Randall Crater customers with a home away from home. A place to enjoy the benefits of computing in a comfortable and well-kept environment.