A Business Plan That Will Win Capital

Raising that vital capital depends on how well you execute five steps to create a winning business plan. Your cafe start-up is off to the races. But now you face the biggest challenge of your venture’s short life - you don’t have enough cash to pay your employees and suppliers. Can you convince investors to keep your venture afloat?

Raising that vital capital depends on how well you execute five steps to create a winning business plan.

Things You Need for a Sweepstakes Cafe

  1. 1. The right sweepstakes software for your target audience
  2. 2. Prizes that will keep people coming back
  3. 3. The right sweepstakes company

5 Steps

If you’ve made the decision to start up a cyber cafe, you won’t be able to get very far without a solid business plan. Follow these five easy steps to create a business plan that outlines your products, goals, and strategies:

Executive Summary

Step 1
Should serve as an overall synopsis of your business’ goals

Describe Company

Step 2
Describe the structure of your company and why it will be successful.

Define Strategy

Step 3
Outline how you will attract and keep customers.

Describe Services

Step 4
Products or services your new business will sell and how they can benefit your clients.

Funding Plans

Step 5
You need funds to get their operations fully underway.

Sample Business Plan

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Management Summary

Sample Business Plan
Prepared to obtain financing in the amount of $24,000.

Objectives, Mission

Sample Business Plan
For the first three years of operation.

Risks, Summary

Sample Business Plan
Start-up Summary and Risks.

Location and Facilities

Sample Business Plan
Comfortable and well-kept environment.

Competitive Comparison

Sample Business Plan
Keep your customer base coming back for more.

Market Analysis Summary

Sample Business Plan
A winning concept which will produce fantastic results.

Target Market Strategy

Sample Business Plan
The potential growth is enormous.

Marketing Strategy

Sample Business Plan
Implement a pull strategy in order to build consumer awareness and demand.

Sales Forecast

Sample Business Plan
Sales forecast data is presented in a chart.


Sample Business Plan
Keep the business plan priorities in place.

Financial Plan

Sample Business Plan
Basic assumptions are presented in a table.

Financial Indicators

Sample Business Plan
Profit growth data is presented in a chart.